Maps of the Month: March 2019

As we are slowly heading into spring here in the northern hemisphere, it’s time to take another look at the wonderful maps the mapping community has produced. Here are five maps that caught our eye this month. Be sure to check out the forum and the Facebook group for lots more!

Thiatas Ashadarawesh produced this amazing world map in Fractal Terrains 3. Worthy of a “Best Coastline” prize.
World Map by Thiatas Ashadarawesh‎

Christina Trani (Lorelei) used Mike Schley’s overland style with the setup from Overland Perspectives of the Annual Vol 5 to create this beautiful map.
West Dendorlig by Christina Trani

Check out this small but beautiful dungeon map by Ken Gatzemeyer and the way he “sunk” the walls into the background.
Breakout by Ken Gatzemeyer

Remy Monsen does not only write awesome articles on all manner of commands in CC3+ he also produces beautiful maps like these elven village.

Royal Wood Maps is offering their cartography skills as a freelancer, and this map is wonderful advertising for their services.
Larissa's Map of the Coast by Royal Wood Maps

LadieStorm drew the island of Pilnderstraad for the Community Mapping Project using the Herwin Wielink overland style.
Pilnderstraad by LadieStorm

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