Maps of the Month: June 2021

Hi folks, you are really tough on me with all of those beautiful maps you post each month. So many to go through, so hard to decide what to include. Well, it’s your own fault if these lists are getting longer and longer…

We start with a great futuristic town map by Ute Gundacker.

I’m not sure this Spectrum Overland style map is Brendan Voglewede‘s first, but I’m pretty certain I haven’t featured one of his maps before.

Of course we have seen Daniel’s (daperdepa on the forum) amazing maps before, but that’s no reason not to show his As Above So Below floorplan as well.

Eric McNeal is no unknown name to us either. I just the natural landscape of this map in Mike Schley’s overland style.

Duane Wilkey has used the Mike Schley city style to gret effect in the Red Town map.

Lee Whipple created a whole series of starship maps recently, so the Holy Duck here is just one map of many that I could include.

After a short break Lillhans is back with his spectacular “handdrawn-watercolour” maps, showing off a river bridging definitely not in Mirkwood.

The first of a couple of “first maps” from the forum, Tremlor posted this piece in the Mike Schley Overland style, which certainly doesn’t need to hide behind any of the “veterans'” maps.

And neither does the second “first map” by NumberSix, a wonderful dungeon floorplan.

Veteran communtiy member Quenten also uploaded a whole bunch of new maps in the Facebook, of which I picked this modern-style street map, simply because it is in a style that you don’t get to see very often. The other maps are just as great!

The Hearthland by TexturedSun is the CC3+ recreation of an randomly generated map using the Jon Roberts Overland style.

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