Maps of the Month: June 2020

June was another great month with amazing user maps being posted both on the ProFantasy forum and the Facebook community. Let’s take a look at just a few examples!

Wyvern created this amazingly detailed map of an ant hive, using an old “modern cave” style from the Annual Vol 1.
The Hive

Shessar‘s Eternal Barrow of the Black Prince is an entry in Lorelei’s map-making competition, and a hot contender for a prize!
The Eternal Barrow

Colby Lantz created this village map with Symbol Set 5. I love how he just lets the borders blend into the surroundings, dropping the traditional frame of the map.

Nicholas Tang‘s first map is a gorgeous little handout that blends a classic CC3 overland map into a parchment background.
Summer's Bastion

Ute Gunda has done several of these WW2-era maps now, and it was really hard to pick which one to showcase. In the end Cairo won, because I’ve been there myself.

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