Maps of the Month – June 2019

Dear map aficionados, it’s time again for our Maps of the Month series, where we highlight just a few of the many contributions to the online CC3+ community. Enjoy!

Christina Trani (Lorelei) posted pictures of her 3D ship plan in action on Facebook and the forum. Isn’t the combination of a flat floorplan with a 3D arrangement just wonderful?
Ship Model by Christina Trani (Lorelei)

I met Dungeon Master Gaz at Uk Games Expo this year and when he showed me some of his own maps, I urged him to post them to the community forum, as they are just to beautiful to not be seen by other users. Check out the great contours on this area map!
Wild West map by Dungeon Master Gaz

John Paul Stoddard shared his “Ruins of Urksgard” map on the Facebook group, but it is also part of the Community Atlas – always a worthy place to add your own maps!
Ruins of Urksgard by John Paul Stoddard

The “Order of Concordant Magistry” by Patrick Harron is a classical dungeon map drawn with the Dungeons of Schley style. I wonder that this order has to hide!
Dungeon of the Order by Patrick Harron

Stephen Henri Adolf posted his first complete map to the Facebook group and it caught our eye as an excellent first creation, using the Mike Schley overland style.
Irayis by Stephen Henri Adolf

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