Maps of the Month: July 2021

We are a bit later this month, as I was on holiday for a week, but we still got a bunch of great maps from the community to show off.

The section of the city of Padova by AleD uses Sue Daniel’s Ferraris city style to great effect.

Parsley‘s Land of Vareltia map is a wonderful example of the type of result you can get for your very first maps with the Mike Schley Overland style.

Eric McNeal is one of our most prolific contributors in the Facebook community, and it’s always a please to include his great maps like Baladria here.

Calibre has also already created a large amount of stunning maps, just look at his map of Beleriand.

Remy Monsen tends to not share his maps on the forum too often, so I’m hapyp when I get the opportunity to see his work, like this game map of a sunken temple.
Sunken Temple

We’ve got another middle-earthen entry this month with this section of Numenor by whit2468, using the classic Pete Fenlon style.

Northway by Duane Wilkey is a beautiful town created with the Cities of Schley style.

There is a lot happening in Jacob Hicks Mill Ridge map, another one based on the Ferraris city style, but with a completely different result.
Mill Ridge

The Fane of the Swamp God by Rikki Groosevale just screams adventure and slimy frog monsters to me and I love it.
Fane of the Swamp God

The Crypt of the Witch King by jmabbot is a great map in an old black & white style, channeling OSR adventures.
Crypt of the Witch King

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