Maps of the Month: January 2021

Welcome dear mappers to another selection of wonderful maps created by our mapping community. See some of the beauty they produced in January!

The Temple of Isxiltahar (I pray I never have to pronounce this) is just one of the serials of jungle maps by Arcwynd on the community forum, which you definitely need to check out.
Temple of Isxiltahar

As I’m currently playing in the Old World of Warhammer myself, Morrgan‘s map of Castle Wittgenstein caught my eye quickly. I love both the floorplans done with the Dungeons of Schley style, as well as the panoramic view in the City Panorama style from the Annual 2015.
Castle Wittgenstein

The Western Lands world map in the Mike Schley overland style is an awesome first entry by Lou Larsen from from the CC3+ Facebook group.
Western Lands

Despite already working on her “All the Annuals” series, Christina Trani still manages to sneak in a wonderful map extra map, done in January Fantasy Towns style.

The River Keep in the Cities of Schley style by Jonathan Garrison is a great little location, with excellent work on the river fall.
River Keep

The Ferraris city style is certainly not one of the easiest to use, which makes this map of the Dutch town of Groningen by ledge even more amazing than it already is.

If you haven’t already done so, but want to be part of our community and possibly share your own maps, consider joining the Profantasy forum or the Facebook CC3+ group.

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