Maps of the Month: January 2020

We’re well into 2020 now and and the community has been busy decorating the new year with lots of beautiful maps. Here are some that caught our eye!

The January Annual issue (Watabou Cities) has been especially popular, as it allows the fast creation of beautiful city maps. Enderrin over at the community forum shared several of his creations and the Dragonsrock map below is just one of them, where he added his own kind of cliffs to the style.

For the winter mapping competition, Shessar entered this amazing, snowy tavern/inn map, the “Staggering Moose”.
Staggering Moose

Lorelei‘s entry “Varmstadt Springs” is equally impressive with lots of her signature custom symbol and texture work to admire.
Varmstadt Springs

In the Facebook group, Daniel Pereda De Pablo shared his first isometric dungeon created with Perspectives 3: The Gauntlet. Wonderful work!
The Gauntlet

Not to neglect the overland maps, Greg Hazzard created this map of Imperial Vrien using the Mike Schley overland style.
Imperial Vrien

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