Maps of the Month: February 2020

With all that worry out there in the world and all of us (very sensibly) urged to stay home and limit our social contact, let’s take a look what wonderful maps our users can and did come up last month.

Terratu in Mike Schley’s Overland style by Aten Pharaoh in the Facebook community
The City of Foxrun by Quenten Walker (Watabou City style from Cartographer’s Annual 2020)
Wetlands on a Fractal Terrains 3 world map by Thiatas Ashadarawesh
The Free City of Courvile by Maidhc O Casain is a very nice example of creating a city map with the Mike Schley Overland style.
Free City Of Courville
The Nineteen Kingdoms by kevbeck is a lovely overland map complete with map key and reference grid, plus a full description (on the forum).
The Nineteen Kingdoms

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