Maps of the Month: February 2019

Here’s a new selection of user maps that caught our eyes this month. Enjoy!

We’ll start out with an awesome “first” by Facebook community newcomer Kristinn Agnarsson. Looks at this simple, but wonderful tavern map created with Dungeons of Schley and DD3.
Tavern by Kristinn Agnarsson

Remy has created this wonderful “strip map” for his rpg campaign based on the style by Allyn Bowker from the Annual Vol 3.
Road Map by Remy Monsen

Joachim de Ravenbel is back with another of his fantastic isometric map designs. This time he’s leading us into the bowels of an Egyptian pyramid.
Pyramid Interior by JdR

Richard T Drake shows off the beautiful planet and moon symbols of Cosmographer 3 with this Moons of Oberyon map.
Moons of Oberyon by Richard T Drake

Wyvern posted another piece of his extensive world-building for the community atlas project. He used another of Allyn Bowker’s styles (Fantasy Realms) for this map.
Errynor by Wyvern

Linda Böckstiegel took the latest Annual issue by Sue Daniel for a spin, creating this isometric town map of Abenstadt.
Abenstadt by Linda Boeckstiegel

Thanks everybody for your wonderful contributions to the map-making community, and this includes all the wonderful people we haven’t had to chance the maps of yet!

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