Maps of the Month: December 2020

Despite (or because?) a shortage of social gatherings, December 2020 had no shortage of beautiful maps created by the CC3+ user community. Here is a small selection, by no means comprehensive or even representative, just a few which caught our eyes. Enjoy!

Elizabeth H Prybylski created the world map of Seras with the Spectrum Overland style from last year’s Annual.

The beautiful city of Bayside was created by Henrie61 with Symbol Set 5- Cities of Schley.

The Maddening Spring by Daniel Pereda De Pablo (daperdepa) is a great example of a battle map created with the Symbol Set 2 Floorplans assets.
Maddening Spring

Calibre used Symbol Set 4 – Fungeons of Schley for this unusual map of a set of Ice Caverns.
Ice Cave

Grimur Fjeldsted is an old hand and his Castle Trum map (using Symbol Set 5 – Cities of Schley) truly shows his experience in map making.
Castle Trum

Finally, for something a little different, this cover for a campaign publication by Charles Robinson uses characters designed in Character Artist 3.
Dark Days Of Sorrow

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