Maps of the Month – December 2019

We are already a good bit into the new year and January, but we still like to take a quick look back at the some of the beautiful maps created by our user community in December.

André Franke created this fantastic map of a hypothetical Antarctica (without the ice) with the help of Fractal Terrain 3, Wilbur and the November Annual issue.
Antarctica by Andre Franké

Christina Trani‘s Dreadlock Valley is created from Mike Schley’s overland style in CC3+, but the symbol scaling and color palette are so different that it could just be a completely new style.
Dreadlock Valley by Christina Trani

Fire Island by Robert Rumble is a deceptively simple map (created in CC3’s old default overland style), but the shaded contour style of the mountains and the cryptic and the labeling really make it stand out.
Fire Island by Robert Rumble

This is not a finished map, by Greg Hazzard‘s concept of creating shading in CC3+ with the help of exported contour lines from Fractal Terrains is just to clever and beautiful not to include here.
Contour Lines by Greg Hazzard

This old favorite land has a special place in my heart, and it’s fun to see it recreated in such a different style by JMunsonII.
Middle Earth by Jon Munson II

This beautiful little village by Jonathan Garrison shows off Symbol Set 5- Cities of Schley nicely, including the use of shading to create contours.
Archer's Lodge by Jon Garrison

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