Maps of the Month: December 2018

Welcome to the December round up of user maps that caught our eye. As usual this is based as much on random chance as anything else. If you want to see more, join the Facebook community group or sign up in our forum!

Christina Trani (Lorelei) produced a set of wonderful building floorplans based on a single symbol in a city map: The Blue House.
The Blue House

Curtis Lithgow rendered the Long Lake from the Hobbit using the Herwin Wielink overland style.
The Long Lake

Hans Anders Bergström mapped the realm of Laurina Amar using the Realms of Legend style mixed up with some other materials.
Laurina Amar

Sam McCart mapped his Hugh Castle and the surrounding city to great detail.
Hugh Castle

Finally we have this beautiful creation of Autumn Getty, the world of Aiyedjembe created in Fractal Terrains 3.

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