Maps of the Month: August 2020

Hi folks, welcome to our monthly look at the maps of our user community. Check out these few samples of the great stuff the CC3+ users have posted on the (now freshly re-furbished) forum and the Facebook group. Thanks to all of them and everyone else who is sharing their work!

Shessar posted the final version of her map of the Western Lands.
The Western Lands

Andy Hanson shared quite a few beautiful maps in the Facebook group. Here’s his Cottage, using the Dungeons of Schley style and a dungeon layout where combined different dungeon styles into one.

Daniel Pereda De Pablo created this ghostly ancient warrior in Character Artist 3 as well as one of my favorite types of maps, an isometric floorplan, showing off several floors of “Mirinthatras’ Tower”.
Uth Marten

Hans Anders Bergström worked his magic once more, and produced maps in an amazingly different style, all within CC3+. This is just one of his “sketches” that showed off in the FB group.
Wizards Tower

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