Maps of the Month: August 2019

August is coming to an end – a busy month with GenCon and the release of Symbol Set 5 – Cities of Schley – so let’s take a little breather and see what beautiful maps the user community has come up with in this time.

Joshua Plunkett‘s first Cities of Schley “Zelkor’s Ferry” map is a beautiful little village map, enhanced by the great post-work.
Zelkor's Ferry

“The Ruins of Ianmenor” were created by Brian Swift with City Designer 3 and Pär Lindström beautiful set of city ruins from the Annual. Also check out the player handout created from this map.

Ute Gunda‘s first overland map uses the Achtung Cthulhu Style from the Cartographer’s Annual for nice little modern-era village map of “Hirschalben”.

In the process of creating a set of example maps for the different styles and Annual issues, Sue Daniel created this parchment-background map of “Teranna-ferrasi”, show-casing Mike Schley’s beautiful symbols from the base overland style.

Noah Zorbaugh used Dungeon Designer 3 and third-party art assets to create these floorplans for the “Desert Pearl” inn. Check out his lovely labeling!

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