Maps of the Month – April 2021

Welcome dear cartographers to another instance of the Maps of the Month post. We’ve got another selection of gorgeous commmunity maps for you, posted during April on the Profantasy forum or the CC3+ Facebook group. Enjoy, and thanks to everybody out there sharing their maps, whether they are featured or not!

Jacob Hicks’ drew his Twin’s Crossing map with the Ferraris style by Sue Daniel, plus some modifications of his own and a few other bits and pieces.
Twins Crossing

Ute Gundacker‘s Frozen Lands showcase the beautiful snow-capped mountaints of the Spectrum Overland style.
Frozen Lands

I especially love Nicholas Pagnucco‘s detail of a Glorantha region for the use of color effects to differentiate the labels.
Glorantha Region

Andy Hanson‘s Dwarven Trading Post is simply a wonderful example of the Dungeons of Schley style in full-scale action.
Dwarven Trading Post

Dak‘s Narrazan, the Fedaykin Sultanate, map is straight out of basic CC3+, with the Mike Schley Overland style and shows what you can do straight out of the box.

Luke Jonas‘ amazingly realistic-looking satellite/political map was created in Fractal Terrains 3, modified in Wilbur and then exported for further work in Photoshop.
Eternal Realm

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