Maps of the Month: April 2019

April is approaching its end and it’s high time to highlight another set of user maps that have been posted over the last month. Enjoy these beautiful artworks!

Lakeside Leg by Erik Korwin Z Ślepowrony Wroblewski

Erik Wroblewski - Lakeside Leg

Erik posted this beautiful battle (?) map in the Dungeons of Schley style on the Facebook group. A lovely way to depict the water!

Rappan Athuk by Joshua Plunkett
Josh Plunkett - Rappan Athuk

I love the aesthetic simplicity of this overland map by Joshua, showing the lands surrounding the legendary dungeon Rappan Athuk. It uses the Classic Fantasy style from the Cartographer’s Annual.

Western Lands by Lou Larson.

Lou Larsen - The Western Lands

Lou Larsen – a newcomer to the Profantasy community forum – posted this very classic fantasy map in the Mike Schley style. Amazing detail!

House of Balaur by Relyt

Relyt - House of Balaur

Relyt shared this set of wonderful floorplans on the community forum. Click the image to check out the underground floor too!

Elen Daelarion by Quenten Walker

Quenten Walker - Elen Daelarion

Community regular Quenten created this little idiosyncratic map: A fantasy realm in a modern style of political cartography.

Sycamore by Ken Gatzemeyer

Ken Gatzemeyer - Sycamore regional map

Ken’s small regional map uses the Herwin Wielink style to wonderful effect to create a bucolic setting, where I just want to amble along the roads and fields.

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