June: All the Annuals, shorelines, ruined walls and so much more

Dear fellow map-makers!

Summer is getting closer here in the northern hemisphere and we are all looking forward to easing out of the lockdowns. We hope you’re staying safe and healthy and still get some quality map-making time! We certainly have a lot of useful articles and resources for you to help with that.


    • The June Annual issue – “The Crossroads Inn”, a map pack by Christina Trani – has been released


    • The archived live mapping video of the last few weeks are available on YouTube.
    • Marvel at the selection of beautiful Maps of the Month created by our users in May.
    • Christian Trani has started a new series titled “All the Annuals“, where she creates a map for each of the Annual issues, starting with the Annual 2019. Check out the maps for January, February, and March of that year.


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