Free monthly content: Prison Symbols

The year of free monthly symbols by Mike Schley ends in a place we hope you won’t have to spend any significant time in: a nasty medieval prison (aka dungeon) to break out of or to free some unjustly held prisoners from. You will find oubliettes, iron bars to build cages, chains and torture implements, plus a handy set of key to unlock all these nasty features. Including varicolor variations, the symbol catalog contains 27 new symbols.

Note that the example maps included with the free content make use of Symbol Set 4 to showcase the symbols in proper surroundings. If you don’t have SS4 installed, you won’t see these correctly, but you can still use the symbols on other maps. Symbol Set 4 – Dungeons of Schley is available for purchase here.

To download the free content go to your registration page and on the Downloads tab, click the download button for Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus. Mike’s new symbols are the last link in the list. All the content of year two up to and including December 2022 is included in the one download.

You can always check the available monthly content on our dedicated page.

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