February: Parchments and Liches

Overland MapWelcome to the February newsletter! Apart from an update to Fractal Terrains and a new column by Remy Monsen, we have two cartography articles from our Annual contributors – a feature we will continue in future months.


  • A new version of Fractal Terrains 3 is available: 3.0.21 which improves the Finding Rivers function, ensuring they always appear. You can download an update from your registration page.
  • The February issue of the Cartographer’s Annual 2018 is available. The symbol pack Dungeon Walls allows you to create detailed and varied walls for your underground complexes.
  • The January issue of the Annual 2018 offered a hex-version of Mike Schley’s overland style from CC3+.
  • The Community Mapping Project is running a mapping competition. Anyone submitting a map to the project in February participates, so there is still time.


  • In his new column Command Spotlight Remy Monsen takes a look at Line styles and properties in CC3+.
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