Cartographer’s Annual: December 2020

CA168 Karrenschuster HomeThe year is almost over, and we will soon be starting the resubscription offer for 2021. But until then the Cartographer’s Annual has another great mapping style for you: Tagkrammer Isometric for Perspectives-style floorplans.

We became aware of the beautiful isometric floorplan for a merchant’s “Kontor” on the Cartographer’s Guild and approached the author about turning it into a CC3+ style. Kawe Weissi-Zadeh of Westphalia Miniatures was happy to oblige and the result is the Tagkrammer Isometric style. It is an easy to use floorplan style, that can make good use of Perspectives 3 tools, but can also be used without that add-on.

On Thursday, December 3rd, the style features in our Live Mapping session on You Tube.

If you have already subscribed to the Annual 2020, you can download the December issue from your registration page. If not, you can subscribe here.

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