Cartographer’s Annual 2023 Subscription available

The Cartographer’s Annual subscription for 2023 is now available, and you can subscribe at a reduced cost. If you are a current subscriber, be sure to check your email, as you should have received your re-subscription offer that way. Otherwise, visit the Annual web page for the early subscription discount.

We have the first three issues lined up, starting with an revisit and expansion of the 13th Age style by Lee Moyer. It will be redone with all the latest effects and tools of CC3+, and significantly expanded with new symbols and textures.

Next in line is a new style by Pär Lindström, a beautiful set of artwork for drawing small towns and villages in a desert oasis style. Check out the ProFantasy Facebook community to see more previews of his work. And then in March (or possibly April) Sue Daniel provides a beautiful new take on her outdoor battle maps, this time in a Winter theme.

As always, subscribing to the Annual will give you access to all twelve monthly issues as they are released, plus a bonus issue at the end of the year. If you want to see an example of all the great content you will receive, check out the Annual 2022.

Subscribe to the Cartographer’s Annual 2023 now.

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