Cartographer’s Annual 2011 now available

Overland Perspective Style

The January issue: A new drawing style

The Cartographer’s Annual is now entering its fifth year with the 2011 subscription available for purchase.* Check it out on its new website and purchase it directly from this link.

We are slightly amazed ourselves that we’ve been able to keep the constant flow of new, beautiful and unique material going for so long. In large parts this was only possible through the support of some of our most active users, as well as the willingness of other fantasy cartographers to contribute their artwork. Thank you!

For example we’re excited to see artwork by Jonathan Roberts in the Annual 2011:

Jonathan Roberts Artwork

The March Issue: Jonathan Roberts style

As well as new dungeon/floorplan symbol artwork by Joachim de Ravenbel:

Dungeon Symbols by JdR

The February Issue: More Dungeon Symbols

*If you’ve been a subscriber in previous years and haven’t received your re-subscription discount voucher, please email

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