April: Tome Update, Perspectives 3 Maps and Special Effects

Dorina - Herwin Wielink styleWelcome cartographers to the April newsletter! Shall we have a look what is in store for this month? Of course, we shall.


  • We have two new Master Mappers among our ranks: Joe Sweeney (for 2017) and Christina Trani (for 2018). Congratulations!
  • The Tome of Ultimate Mapping has been updated with a completely revamped list of commands, and new sections on Dioramas 3, the Source Maps products and the Token Treasury.
  • The April Annual with Pär Lindström’s Moody Mansions style is available for download.


  • Remy Monsen starts a new series of articles for those who want to program add-ons for CC3+. Take a look, it’s easier than you think!
  • We have a new selection of Maps of the Month for April.
  • Want to create isometric maps with Perspectives 3? Get inspired by these examples from the user community.


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