All the Annuals: Woodcut Maps (July 2016)

2016 Woodcut Annual(Download the FCW file)
Happy new month, mappers! This month’s All the Annuals has me giddy. I LOVE this map I’ve created. Yes, I said it. I just love it. It might be a bit busy, but it’s super close to my heart, so it’s perfect.

Last year, I left my home of Long Island and moved upstate to the Adirondack region of New York. I’ve spent many summers up there camping, hiking, and just enjoying the outdoors and rich history this area has, most especially American Revolutionary history. Walking around my town a few months ago, I saw these real woodcut maps of our beloved Lake George. They were just amazing. I wanted to purchase one, but they were dearly priced and out of my meager nurses salary. Well, enter the Woodcut Maps Annual.

I traced out an image of the lake and used mostly current town/city names, but some go back to the Revolutionary War times, so it’s not exactly accurate. I also played around with the stripping setting a bit to get it where I wanted them. All in all, I couldn’t be happier with my little local map of our gem of a lake here in the beautiful Adirondacks. Come for a visit! The fall foliage up here is the best in the nation!!!

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