XP Tutorials

XP Development

If you are into software development, writing your own XP’s are the most powerful way you can extend CC3+. An XP is basically a .dll file with your own custom commands for CC3+. It is way more powerful than writing macros for CC3+, since XP’s gives you access to the internals, allowing you to do things that won’t be possible in macros.

The articles listed below takes you through the basics of developing such XP’s. Check out the first article for descriptions and download links to the tools you’ll need, while the other articles explain various features and concepts.

Be warned that this is about software development. To take advantage of these articles, you should already be familiar with the concepts of writing your own software, you should know what compiling and linking is all about, you should know the basics of C++, and it is an advantage to already be familiar with Visual Studio and the Windows SDK. You don’t need to be an experienced software developer, but some familiarity is strongly recommended.

Part 1: Getting Started

This first article takes you trough the basics of installing the tools you need, setting up the environment, and making your first basic add-on.