We’ve been pretty busy with the CC3+ release, but so have been our users and so it’s time to showcase the user maps from the ProFantasy community forum again. We are especially delighted that we can already include some gorgeous maps created with CC3+, some of them first time efforts with our software!

For example, this is FerCanale‘s first map, the nicely frigid-looking White Wolves Island.
White Wolf Island
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SkalderandCC3+ is only a few days out and we already have the first user tutorial on the community forum. Malmo3000 modified the new Mike Schley Overland style to create his Skalderand map depicted on the right, and explains his process in this tutorial. Here’s what he has to say:

I recently started drawing with CC3/CC3+. Despite other comments I've read in multiple forums the learning curve wasn't a big deal for me as beginner. In my opinion the most challenging part is to find a way of mapping and thus creating a "own" style that suits you the best. As some of you noticed already in my thread called "Skalderand [CC3+]" I've found my personal "style" of mapping. So I wrote a little step-to-step tutorial for myself to produce multiple maps within CC3+ with a consistent look. In here I use mostly basic stuff and nothing fancy so with the help of the manual you shouldn't have any trouble of following. I really hope this will help other beginners to CC3+ when coming up with their personal style.

Download Malmo3000’s Campaign Cartographer 3+ Tutorial

Day and Night VillageIt’s easy to overlook the small things, with the big release of CC3+ last week, but we should not forget it’s a new month and a new Annual issue is available: The Tutorial Pack – Day and Night. If you are a subscriber, you can download it from your registration page.

This tutorial takes an in-depth look at creating differently lighted environments, for example if you want to show a combat encounter area in both daytime and nighttime conditions.

If you haven’t subscribed to the Annual 2015 yet, you can do so here.

Note on CC3+: For now this Annual issue is done for CC3, as the CD3 and DD3 add-ons are not updated for use in CC3+ yet. Starting next month, we’ll make the Annual issues available in both CC3 and CC3+ versions.

CC3+ is faster, easier to use and creates more attractive maps than ever before.

new large icons interface

Speed: CC3+ runs twice as fast as CC3 – and the speed difference is even greater with effects on. A combination of hardware optimisation,  and eldritch programming sorcery means more map-making, less waiting – simple as that.  On most machines, you can use CC3+ with effects on, all the time.

speed 3

Style: Award-winning cartographer Mike Schley provides you with a complete new attractive map-making style with a host of new symbols and tools. Nothing new to learn, just better looking maps.


Effects: You asked for PhotoShop-style effects, now you have them, with faster, better, streamlined and consistent filters your maps will look better than ever before. You can test your effects on the drawing before applying them. And, again, CC3+ is doing the work.


Ease: A context-sensitive floating cursor lets you know what CC3+ is thinking. Attractive, larger icons suit modern systems. The Print Wizard makes it easy to export your maps at any scale, tiled across paper . CC3+ gives you better and cleverer editing, clearer icons, and improved export.


Integration: CC3 improves and simplifies the map-making process. It puts roads, rivers, symbols and other map-making tools up front and center right where you need them. Whichever map making style you choose, the tools you need will appear, visually, and ready to go.


Clarity: We’ve fixed bugs, plugged holes and cleaned up the interface. CC3+ is Windows 8 able, and it’s cleaner on the inside and outside.




CA97 The Endless DungeonIt’s 2015 and we start out with the 9th iteration of the Annual. TJ Vandel created this beautiful style that captures inked old-school dungeon maps with cross-hatching for filling in the walls.

If you have subscribed already, the download of the January issue is available from your registration page. If not, you can subscribe to the new Annual subscription from here.

OSR DungeonIf you want to be ready to roll out spectacular dungeons in TJ Vandel’s OSD Dungeon style with the start of the new year, you can now subscribe to the Cartographer’s Annual 2015 at a special pre-order price of £26.50/$38.

If you are a current subscriber of the Annual 2014 and haven’t received our special re-subscription offer by email, please contact us and we’ll set you up with the extra subscriber discount.

Village BarnWe have a little bonus issue available for the Annual 2014, freely downloadable for anyone. Joachim de Ravenbel created this beautiful village barn model with the resources of the December issue.

The model works great as an extension to December’s Krom Village set or can be used – if you are so inclined – as a wonderful setting for a nativity scene.

Download the free bonus issue from the Annual page.

DragonmeetThis weekend is Dragonmeet, London’s friendliest gaming convention, and as usual Profantasy will be there with me (Ralf) manning the booth. Look for Pelgrane Press and us close to the entrance to the dealer’s hall (booth 29). Check out the map of the hall.

Dragonmeet is in a new venue this year, the ILEC Convention Centre & Ibis Hotel on 47 Lillie Road, London. It’s easy to reach via the West Brompton tube station.

I’m looking forward to my annual visit to London, ProFantasy HQ and Dragonmeet. Hope to see you there!

Assembly InstructionsAnd there is the last month of 2014’s Annual already: The December issue is available from your registration page.

Build a wonderful village diorama, designed by community member Old Krom and embellished and documented by Joachim de Ravenbel. Hundreds of symbols and dozens of bitmap fills are there for you to use in your own Dioramas projects as well. Take a look at a photo gallery of the finished village below. If you haven’t subscribed to the Annual 2014, you can do so here.

Coming soon: The Annual 2015 re-subscription offer and December bonus content!

It’s been a while since our last newsletter – we’ve been focused on getting CC3+ ready for release. This month features an exclusive offer on a great piece of map-making kit – The Noteboard, an update on CC3+ and video resources.



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