CVWe have three initiatives which we hope will make a very modest contribution to the fight against the coronavirus. This post is about the first – helping front line medical staff use the most effective methods against COVID-19, and setting out best practices to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Here at ProFantasy we are fortunate enough to be in a business where we can continue working unimpeded by the coronavirus. Creating maps is something that our customers can do alone, and many of us have more time to do so. We have a large, friendly and supportive online community.

Huge swathes of workers now are not able to do their jobs. We all have vulnerable relatives and friends who are isolated, and we know and love many people in the health service who our working flat-out to combat the virus and save lives.

We’ve always been big fans of an evidence-based approach to problems, and that’s why, with their permission, we are donating 10% of all our bundle sales to The Cochrane Collection’s COVID-19 resources until further notice. These include the very latest best practices for clinicians, updated regularly, translated into a wide range of languages.

You can also donate directly here.

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